Telegram is a magical thing. If you want to engage with your friends and groups, the best option is a telegram sticker. At first, you know how to create your own sticker pack.

As you are in this article, I’m sure you want to know how to make telegram stickers on Android or iPhone. We will explain how you can actually do that. It's not easy to create telegram stickers, but it’s not hard to do. The latest version of Telegram has that facility to create their own stickers and share them with their Telegram friends. If you are a creator, then don’t miss this opportunity to share your own origin.

If you are expecting there to be an official store to make Telegram stickers, then you are wrong. If you want to create a Telegram sticker, you don’t need a special account. By using Android, iPhone, and Windows, you can easily create your own Telegram stickers.

If you are on a PC, then it is easy to make stickers through various photo editing tools like Photoshop etc. If you create the image, you can follow these steps to create an extra ordinary sticker pack. After completing the creation, you can add the sticker to your Telegram account. There are some basics rules to make Telegram stickers.

·         At first you need to install telegram on your mobile or desktop. If you don’t have an account then create an account first.

·         You have to use PNG format layer. Your image size must be 512*512 square.

How to create Telegram Stickers?

We are almost did half of our task. If you read the half article. Telegram stickers is same for all devices. There are only six steps to create your own telegram stickers pack. Let’s get started.

·      Tap into your telegram app and search for the official @stickers bot. Another option you can click this link @stickers to get access that bot. This is telegram, official bot that allows you to create own Telegram stickers pack.

·  Once you open the bot. There you see a START button. You’ll see a list of commands. Which will help you to manage your sticker packs.

·       Click the /newpack.It will ask you to choose  a name for your Telegram pack. There you can’t change sticker pack’s name. I keep my stickers pack name is “English learning”.

·    Then you have to send a transparent image file with 512*512 square size. Move on to attached button and send PNG file.

·  You have to select an emoji to attach with the sticker. Then you will get congratulations message. After that simply send the \publish command. They asked for a short name just send it and that’s all.

Your sticker pack URL will be You know how to create stickers. Now you can create and send stickers as much as you want. You can share this link with your friends to add this sticker package to their chat box. Enjoy your self-made stickers.

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