Telegram is the best app for texting messages online. You can create public and private groups here in Telegram. If you like to open a Telegram public group for your publicity or for your fan followers, or if you want to open a private group for your family members, like cousins, You can do it in the telegram group. You can open your own telegram group.

How to create a private group on Telegram?

As you are here in this article, you must have a telegram. If you don’t have it, then download it first and open an account. As you are opening a private group, you have already fixed your members. One thing you have to know is that the person you want to add to your private group must have a telegram account. You can send a group join link after creating a group. You can invite people via email or text message. The main thing is that you have to share the join link with the member you want to add. You can also add them by adding them into the group.

  • Open you telegram application in the left corner you see three dots sign. Press on it.

  • You see menu named new group.

  • Then the group name portion you have to fill up.

  • Add the name from your contact list.

As you are the group administrator, you can remove people from your group and also add people. There are many options available for security. Message, link, and image restrictions, for example Private groups can’t be found on the telegram search. You can set up a private group for your business team, office team, and so on. If you want to add more members to your group, you can invite them through your invite link or simply add them to the group.

How you can people to your private group? Steps are shown below:

  • At first open the private telegram group. Tap on the group’s name.
Then press the three dots sign.

  • Then press manage group.
  • Here you will see the group link. Just copy and send it to who you want to add in this group.

If you want you can add more admin in your group for sharing the responsibility. You can change the group info anytime. Telegram bots are very helpful to automated the group process. You can delete message if you want.

How to create a Public Group?

You will happy to know private and public group creation is almost same. When you create a group it always a private group. You have to change the type of private group to public group.

  • You need to tap into your group.

  • Then press the three dots sign.
  •  Then click on the manage group and change the group type private to public and save.


Public group is not like private group. You will find public group in telegram search. Also you can invite friends through invite links.

In public and private groups, you can have up to 20,00 000 members The group member has permission to share your group link. They can invite anyone they want.

You can create as many private groups as you want. You will see some public groups have no permission to post links, images, etc. If you want to stay, you have to follow the rules and restrictions of the group. You can design your own rules for your group. You can configure telegram bots for your telegram group to help you automate marketing campaigns, show portfolios, send newsletters, and so on. There are many types of bots, and news and weather bots are common.