Telegram is doing business in 2013. Telegram is growing too fast as a mobile group chatting application. Telegram was created by a Russian named Durov. Telegram is a competitor to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. You will get more privacy than any other app has online. You can do secret chat in Telegram. You can create a channel. In no other application will you get AI. Here you will get AI support through Telegram bots. Bots are third-party developed APIs. Telegram has a few official bots. If you have a group or channel owner, you can run one or more bots. Many tasks, such as offering games, sending warning messages, blocking users, creating stickers, downloading videos, and so on. We are introducing the same useful bot to you.

Feed Reader bot:

This bot that crawls YouTube channels, twitter accounts and send information when new content is available. It will notify you or your channel or group member that added website have a new post.


Zoom bot:

Another amzing bot. if you don’t  to install zoom then you can use this bot in your telegram. It will work like same as your zoom web version.



This is another telegram that enable games on your telegram. You can play games with your friends and challenge each other.


Skiddy Bot:

This bot actually work as a reminder. It will remind you whatever you assign it.


New File Converter Telegram Bot

This bot helps to convert file in different file format. Like jpeg to png, pdf to text etc,


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