Hello, reader. Today we will introduce you to the best messenger, Telegram. It is famous because of its channel and group facilities. Once, people were crazy about WhatsApp and, IMO, now Telegram is the best. People love the features of telegrams. The security of Telegram Messenger is mind-blowing. It creates different places for itself.


We all use Telegram, but I want to ask one question. Do you know how to join a Telegram group? I think you are still confused about how to join the telegram group. A common question that has always been asked in different forums like Quora is, how do I join a group on Telegram? In this article we will share the method of joining a Telegram group.


How to join a Telegram group? 

It is very easy to join a Telegram group, whether it is public or private. If you want to join a Telegram group, you must have the link to that group. When you have a link, just browse it and tap the "JOIN GROUP" button. It is as easy as having water.


For testing purpose I’m sharing two group links:

Website traffic:  https://t.me/+FJFbI5wWW05mMjE1

English with Erfan:  https://t.me/erfanenglishclass


How to join Telegram without Link?

It is not that easy to join without a Telegram group. There are so many websites like us where they can share category-wise telegram groups. You can find your category and join that telegram group. How can you search on the internet? You can search on the internet by typing best telegram groups or best telegram channels list. Your search results will include thundered websites. You can browse any URL you want and then join your desired group from the web page of that site. There is another method that involves using Telegram bots. You can use the Telegram bots to search the groups.


I have shared all the methods of joining telegram groups. I hope you regret joining the Telegram group. Now it is very easy for you. All the confusion is gone. If you still have confusion, then comment with your query. I will assist you in joining a telegram group.

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