English is a world-class language. If you are looking for telegram groups that help you out to make friends and have communication in English, then you are in the appropriate place. We have done your homework for you. We have researched a lot and found the best telegram groups for you. We have shared the best of the best telegram group links here in this post. You can use this link to join Telegram groups.

Telegram is a famous app right now. In many countries, people are using Telegram for their needs. There are different types of telegram groups. People are joining this group for their own needs. This application is very user-friendly. People all over the world use it for its user-friendly interface. In these apps, there is no religion. Everyone can join and communicate with each other. There are no restrictions on anything.

By using these group links, you can chat with Indian, Bangladeshi, and Pakistani people. If you want to be a professional English speaker, a telegram group is the best place to practice. In this group, there is a call option. If you can, talk with the member. You can call them and talk with them. This way, you can improve your speaking skills. I will suggest making more friends by using these telegram groups. Have a voice call every day for three hours. Try to increase the amount of time you speak every day. By doing this every day, you will notice that after six months you will be able to speak on any topic you come across.

A daydreamer always succeeds. If you like to go abroad or want to be a great speaker, then you should practice a lot. The more you practice, the more you become professional at speaking English. You have the right to join numerous English groups. So, join this group and do self-practice. If you train your brain, then no one can steal it from you.

If you are an English language aspirant, then you can join these groups. There are many like you. You can discuss your weaknesses with the group members. If you are ashamed to speak, then here in this group, no one knows you. So, it is really easy for you to speak with the group members. In this group, no one restricts you from joining voice conversation. That is why people are more attracted to these telegram groups. I’m sharing the most famous English-speaking telegram group all over the world. If you join this group and continuously try for progress, you will reach your targeted goal. Many people from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, China, and other countries are present in this group, and they are improving their communication skills. Also, by this, they are succeeding in their day-to-day lives.



English with friends: This is one of the best groups for English practice. You can have so many friends or practice members in this group. You can make voice calls here. You will get daily IELTS question and answer updates here.

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                      How to Increase Telegram Channel Members?

English World — With over 25200 members, this telegram channel is one of the best telegram channels for kids and youngsters. This channel is updated daily with new English learning materials.

American English  This channel has over 65k members. An American lady speaker is the creator of this group. She is very famous on Facebook and YouTube. She teaches different English learning techniques here.

Oxford Word of the Day  With over 5,000 subscribers, the Oxford channel is also one of the best. Here you get regular updates.

Official Spoken English Guru  Mr. Aditya Rana is the founder of SpokenEnglishguru.com. Her YouTube channel has 3.5 million subscribers. This telegram channel was created by her.

From Hindi to English  This is an Indian channel. This was created for learning Hindi to English. People who are at a beginner's stage in India can actually learn English from this channel.

I Can Speak English — This group teach the basics of English. Like English pronunciation and spelling. You can learn 20 vocabulary everyday from this telegram channel


These are the telegram channels I personally recommend. There are thousands of Telegram English learning groups and channels. They are not all the best. Some telegram English learning channels are just garbage. We researched and found out which of these suggested groups or channels are best for learning English. Here we are suggesting more Telegram channels and

group. If you have interest to join then navigate the link of group and channel and join this.

Telegram English Group for Learning English

Group Name

Join Linkl

English Exercises

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Let's Learn English

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American English File

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Learn English Idioms Land

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Let's Learn English

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Let's chat in English

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We hope you like the article about the Telegram English learning group list. We know that there are not enough people here. We will update every day. You can share it with your English learning group. We will add your group here to the list.

Below rules, you need to follow on Telegram Group:

  • Do not add any new candidates without permission
  • Personal Content/ YouTube videos prohibited.
  • Respect all the Group members.
  • Do not spam.
  • Do not personal chat on the group.
  • Do not share any fake news.
  • Do not buy and sell anything here.
  • Do not change the group icon and group name without permission.
  • Contact groups admin for any queries.

Telegram Group FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Telegram Groups and invite links.

 How I can create Telegram group invite Link?

  • Press on Create a Group and set  the Group name.
  • After that navigate to add person option.
  • Click on “Invite to Group via Link” then invite link will generate automatically.

 How can I search a Telegram Group Link?

  • Open group info menu.
  • Now click on add member option.
  • Find the invited group via the link.
  • After that copy and share it with anyone.


How to Add/Submit The Telegram Group Link?

  • Navigate to 'SUBMIT YOUR GROUP'.
  • Fill up the form and submit your group
  • After Successful Telegram group link submission, the link will be manually approved within 24 working hours by


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