There are several questions about Telegram. The most common question about Telegram is "What is in Telegram?" This question is common on famous Q/A platforms (like Quora and Yahoo Answers).

It is always better to not use the original and get details online. Every user likes to hide their links online.In Telegram, you can set up a public username of your own. You can hide your name. You can search for a user name online. is a short form of the telegram link. When you share your link, you just need to add your username to the Example: Anyone who visits this url will be redirected to your account.

If in any circumstance you don’t want to share your mobile number, then you can share the username of your telegram instead of your mobile number.

How to setup a username on Telegram?

  • First, open your telegram group.
  • Tap into this sign ☰ in the top left corner. Move to the settings button menu. Tap Username and enter the username you want.
  • Tap ✅ It's at the top-right corner of the screen.

You can share your username with your family members, acquaintances, and friends. Through telegram, people can connect with you without knowing your phone number. People can connect this way with you without a username.

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