What is Telegram?

Telegram is application that helps people communicate through apps. It is cloud based instant messaging service. In this Telegram video calling, VoIP and call sharing. Telegram has group and channel creation facility.

Telegram Channel

People all over the world like to spread their message to their loving wants. Now a day’s people like to communicate with large audience. That is why telegram channel had invented. Telegram channel is the most powerful media to reach desire audience. In all over the world especially India, USA, US, PAKISTAN and BANGLADESH are using this app very much for their product promotion and marketing. This telegram apps have amazing feature. Telegram channels has no limit to add members but on the other end WhatsApp and most apps has limit. Telegram is comparable with YouTube and WhatsApp.

Benefits of Telegram channels

Telegram channels used for increase sales. You can earn additional money from ads. You can reach too many people by this telegram channels. You can send message, image, file etc. You can have unlimited number of subscribers. 

How to Find and Join Telegram Channels

  • If you want to join in a telegram group it is very easy. You have to follow some steps for that.
  • Go to this url.
  • In this url you will find out telegram channel organized into categories.
  • Select the topic of you like.
  • Search the channel you like and subscribe.
  • This channel will open on your apps just press join.


If you know the channel name then follow this step

  • First open the telegram app.
  • Move on to chat tabs.
  • Type your channel name on the search bar.
  • Find it in the result and tap join.

 Finally, after joining you will be notified if there is any new message you will notified.


Difference between Telegram channel and Telegram Group?

On Telegram channel only admin can send message.  On the telegram channel other people can’t send message. In telegram channels you can gain unlimited subscriber. On the telegram subscriber people unable see other people. You can monetize telegram channel and you will earn money faster than telegram group.

 On Telegram group every one can send message. In telegram group has limitation of member. Only you can have 200,000 members in telegram group. In the group people can she one and another and by adding on contact they can communicate with each other. You can monetize telegram group also but its income is slower than telegram channel.


How to create Telegram channel?

  • Click the icon on top right corner
  • Press new channel.
  • Provide a name to the channel
  • Give a name of the channel and add a description
  • Then press create. Your channel is ready for the purpose you create for.

 Where to find best Telegram channel list?

There are several ways to find telegram channel. Open the application and on the search, bar write the category or name of the channel. Another way you can search online in the search engine.

Types of Channels in Telegram

Telegram channels are two types. One is private and another one is public.  Private one not appear in the public search. When any one provides the join link then he/she can join. The public one any one can join.

Telegram Video Calls – How to Activate?

Open the Telegram app and navigate to your friend’s profile. The individual id is displayed in the apps, along with a video-call button at the top of the page. All you have to do press the call icon to make a video call. In desktop version after calling, you have to click the camera sigh then your video will on.

Mute Telegram Channels an leave

At first open the Telegram app. Move to the chat, group, or channel that you want to disable. After that click it three dots top right. Press mute notifications and select deactivate.