Belarus  is Land of Poets and Thinkers. BELARUS  population is 9.399 million and the size of Belarus  is 207,600 km².Here we bring best of all BELARUS  groups of telegram. In these group you will find out BELARUS  culture, Belarus  history, BELARUS  community, BELARUS  Jobs, BELARUS  game, Belarus  politics, Belarus  business, Belarus  bar, Belarus  restaurant, ,Belarus Newspaper telegram group etc. If you join this telegram group then you can communicate with lot of Belarus people out there.

 Below rules, you need to follow on telegram group.

  •         Do not add any new candidates without permission.
  •         Personal Content/ YouTube videos prohibited.
  •        Respect all the Group members.
  •        Do not spam.
  •        Do not personal chat on the group.
  •        Do not share any fake news.
  •        Do not change the group icon and group name without permission.


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